Changes to the A-1a Pathology Doctor's Order Requisition

In August, the Clinical Pathology Laboratory, with the approval of the Diagnostic Services Subcommittee, removed the areas on the A-1a Pathology Doctor Orders for handwritten requests.  The new requisitions now instruct the user "If you are unable to find the test on this or any other preprinted laboratory order form, do not write test requests on this requisition.  All handwritten test requests must be on a 0-4 Miscellaneous Request form". This change is aimed at reducing errors due to illegible handwritten requests and to facilitate monitoring of mail out tests.

Most of the requests that are now being handwritten on MH08429 (A-1a Pathology Doctor Orders-Inpatient Services) can be found on MH07910 (A-1a Pathology Doctor Orders) form or on the MH06111 (Immunopathology Form). A list of all forms available to order laboratory tests is included for your convenience and is also available in the Requisition Completion, Specimen Labeling and Transport Guidelines appendix of the Pathology Laboratory Services Handbook.

Please use the appropriate form to order laboratory testing.  Individual patient care areas and clinics who continue to write on test requests on these forms will be contacted by laboratory management personnel to discuss non-compliance. 

Please contact Dr. John Kemp (384 9611) or Dr. Peter Kaboli (384-8512) with concerns.



Processed Stores Order #

Form A-1a Lab

 Pathology Doctor's Order


Form A-1a Lab

 Pathology Doctor's Order-Inpatient Services


Form A-1a TDA

 Doctor's Order Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


Form A-1a

 Clinical Microbiology Doctor's Order Form


Form A-1a

 Critical Care/Special Care Nurseries Laboratory


Form 0-4

 Miscellaneous Request


Form A-1a

 Immunopathology Laboratory


Form 0-9

 Bone Marrow Examination


Form A-1a

 Blood Center Request


Form H-1

 Surgical Pathology Report


Form H-2

 Cytology Consult Report