Reduction in the Frequency of Infectious Disease Testing
With the transfer of blood donor testing, the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory will be reducing the frequency of infectious disease testing. Beginning Wednesday, September 17, 2003, the following schedule will apply.

Testing for Hep Bs Ab (Hepatitis B surface antibody) will be performed Monday evening and Friday morning. Hep A Ab (Hepatitis A total antibody) will be run on Wednesday morning. Hep Bs Ag (Hepatitis B surface antigen), Hep Bc Ab (Hepatitis B core antibody Total), Hep C Ab (Hepatitis C Virus antibody), HTLV-I/II Antibody (Human T-lymphotrophic Virus antibody), HIV Types I & 2 Antibody (Human Immunodeficiency Virus Types 1 and 2 antibody), and Syphilis Serology (RPR) (Rapid Plasma Reagin) will be performed on Monday evening, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Specimens must be in the lab by 6 AM for the morning runs and 2 PM for the evening run. We will not make a run if a holiday falls on one of these days.

Questions can be directed to Ronald Feld, Ph.D., (6-1759)