Converting Glass Collection Tubes to the Plastic
The Department of Pathology with agreement from the Nursing Product Evaluation Committee will be converting all glass blood collection tubes to the plastic alternative, where such a tube is available. This conversion is part of a continuing effort at University of Iowa Health Care to incorporate safety products that reduce staff members risk of exposure to potential infection with HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Plastic tubes reduce the risk of tube breakage and specimen spillage. In addition these tubes are compatible with various automated pre-analytical systems, which the Department of Pathology will be purchasing within the next year. They also offer smaller draw volumes, which will positively impact the amount of blood collected from patients for most routine laboratory tests. These tubes will be phased in over a period of several months as the current stock of glass tubes are used. You may view wall charts detailing this information. The Department of Pathology Laboratory Services Handbook is being edited to incorporate the change and will contain an appendix of specimen requirements and the appropriate color cap for each requirement. Please refer to the Blood Collection Tube Top Colors appendix.

Please direct questions to Kathy Eyres at 6-8620.