Laboratory Utilization Policies
The UIHC is constantly striving to provide optimal patient care. To do so, we must make sure that our resources are used effectively and appropriately. To that end, we wish to draw your attention to two policies. The first is the Hospital Policy on Standing orders for Laboratory Tests. This policy is based on the knowledge that writing orders for daily repetitions of common tests such as CBCs and Electrolytes is generally inappropriate and is wasteful. The policy states:

"Standing orders for daily laboratory testing should not be written, unless they are part of a pre-approved protocol or have been specifically approved by faculty attending physicians".

This policy was developed by the Diagnostic Services Subcommittee and was approved by the University Hospital Advisory Committee on August 7, 2002.

In addition, we would like to remind everyone that the Surgical Services Subcommittee has unanimously endorsed the view that routine pre-operative and pre-procedural screening tests are of little value and should not be performed. Pre-operative and pre-procedural testing should occur when there is a specific medical indication, but not for the purposes of routine screening.

We look to forward to working with all faculty, all staff, and all trainees so that adherence to these policies can be maintained on a continuous basis.

John Kemp M.D. Director of Laboratories
Charles Helms M.D. Chief of Staff
Richard Williams M.D. Chair of the Surgical Services Subcommittee