Blood Bank and HPC Lab Move to New Location

The Blood Bank and Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell (HPC) Laboratory of the DeGowin Blood Center will be moving into their new homes on the second floor of General Hospital on Thursday, March 7 and Friday, March 8. The labs will be located adjacent to the Blood Donor Center at C270Z GH.

The Blood Donor Center and Therapeutic Hemapheresis area opened the doors at their new location at C250 GH on June 4, 2001. Due to the staggered construction schedule, the Blood Bank and HPC Lab remained in their old locations while the laboratory areas of the new blood center were competed. The reunited DeGowin Blood Center will be open in its new consolidated location on Friday, March 8.

Telephone numbers for the Blood Bank will stay the same, while the HPC Lab may be reached at 384-5292 beginning on March 8.

The Blood Bank will also have a station on the hospital-wide pneumatic tube system – station #226. It will be used only for transport of specimens, not for distributing blood components.

For further information regarding the move, please call Mitch Overton at 356-8327.