Urinary Free Cortisols

Effective August 8, 2001, Urinary Free Cortisols will be mailed out to a referral laboratory. Because of a change in instrumentation and the low frequency of testing, it is no longer cost effective to perform Urinary Free Cortisol (UFC) in-house. The methodology used by the reference laboratory is HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) which is less prone to interference by exogenous steroid.

Test: Cortisol, Free, Urine (by HPLC)
Pt. Charge: $153.00
Reference Range: 0-10 years: 2-27 ug/24 hours
11-17 years: 1-55 ug/24 hours
> or = 18 years: 5-55 ug/24 hours

Specimen requirements: 24 hour collection with 10 grams of boric acid as a preservative added at the start of the collection. Bottle containing boric acid obtained from Department of Pharmaceutical Care, UIHC.

Contact Dr. Ronald Feld, 356-1759, Dr. John Kemp 335-8233, or Martha Holm 356-8626 with questions.