Lyme Disease and Mumps Testing

Effective immediately, the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory will be performing qualitative EIA serology testing for Mumps and Lyme disease (Borellia burgdorferi). The tests will be performed twice weekly. Both tests are done on serum, with the minimum collection being a 2 ml red top tube. Specimens should be sent directly to the Clinical Microbiology Lab, BT 6004 GH.

The Mumps EIA test detects total IgG antibody. The Lyme test detects both total IgG and IgM antibody. This Lyme EIA is a presumptive test. Lyme EIA’s will be confirmed automatically by Western Blot.

Other specimen types for Lyme antibody testing (CSF and synovial fluid) will continue to be sent to a reference lab. These specimens should be delivered to UIHC Specimen Control, 6248 RCP.

Please direct questions or comments regarding this announcement to Gary V. Doern, Ph.D., (6-8616) Director, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory.