First Issue of the Diagnostic Services Newsletter (DSN)

The Diagnostic Services Subcommittee (DSS) of the University Hospital Advisory Committee (UHAC) is pleased to announce the first issue of the Diagnostic Services Newsletter (DSN) to UIHC Faculty and Staff. It is now available on the web to institutional users with 128 and 129 IP addresses (no username or password required). It is also accessible via password protected by remote access.

The goal of the DSN is to provide University of Iowa Healthcare professionals with a convenient source of information about changes in technology and policy which affect the services provided by Pathology, Radiology, and the Special Function Laboratories.

The Diagnostic Services Newsletter is a joint production of the Pathology and Radiology departments. It is produced for, and reviewed by, the Diagnostic Services Subcommittee. It will be published on a quarterly basis.

Feedback concerning the DSN is welcome, as are suggestions for topics to be covered. Please address your comments and suggestions to John Kemp, M.D., ( or Mark Stanley, M.D., ( or topic suggestions to Roger Gingrich, M.D., Ph.D., (