Hepatitis C Virus Genotyping

Effective April 1, 2000, the Microbiology Laboratory will begin performing Hepatitis C (HCV) genotyping using the LIPA assay from Innogenetics.

The test should be ordered using a Microbiology requisition by writing HCV genotyping in the area provided for other tests. The specimen requirement is a 5-10 ml tube of blood collected in a red top or yellow top tube. Specimens must be received in the Microbiology laboratory (BT 6004 GH) within 3 hours of collection and must be received in the laboratory before 1900. Specimens may be transported at room temperature.

HCV genotyping requests should accompany either an HCV qualitative PCR test or HCV quantitative PCR test request. Samples requesting only HCV genotyping will also have an HCV qualitative test performed in order to verify the presence of amplifiable viral RNA.

HCV genotyping will be performed every other week. Requests for qualitative/quantitative testing will be performed to coincide with amplification for the genotyping test.

Please contact Beth Alden (4-9568) or Dr. Pat Winokur (6-3909) with questions.