Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin Molecular Testing Additions

Effective immediately, the Molecular Pathology/Diagnostics laboratory will begin offering a combined, simultaneous molecular test for the detection of Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin gene mutations. A request for either test will be given the result for both genes.

The test should be ordered using the Form 0-4 miscellaneous requisition and delivered to the laboratory which is located within the Microbiology laboratory on sixth floor Boyd Tower (GH6004BT). The specimen requirement is 10 ml. EDTA whole blood (lavender top tube) for adults and 5 ml. EDTA blood for pediatric patients. The patient charge for these two results is less than the current mail-out rate and only slightly higher than the current Factor V Leiden molecular test we have been performing. The turnaround time for the results is 3-9 days. As in the past, a Hematology consult is required before testing will be performed.

Please contact Beth Alden (4-9568) or Dr. Charles T. Lutz (5-8151) if you have any questions.