Specimen Collection Process for Blood Bank Samples

Since the implementation of the revised specimen collection steps on April 4, 2017, Blood Bank has been receiving a higher number of specimens that have been collected incorrectly and have been rejected.  The collection process calls for the scanning of both the patient wristband AND the sample collection tubes (Steps 3 and 4 below).  When collecting a blood bank specimen NO steps can be overridden.  Any blood bank specimen collected without the proper scanning of patient wristband and/or sample barcodes will be rejected.  If these scanning steps cannot be completed, downtime collection procedures must be used.  It is not acceptable to document the collector’s initials on the tube.

For in-depth instructions on proper collection of blood bank specimens, please see the screen shots below or use following link:  https://hcis.healthcare.uiowa.edu/EpicSupport/resources/modules/blood_admin/docs/BloodProdAdmin-NursingStdWrkflw.pdf

Patient Enc. Summary


Patient Scan

Specimen Scan


If you have additional questions on this information, please contact Natalie Chambers at natalie-chambers@uiowa.edu or 3-7603.