Revised Massive Transfusion Protocol (MTP) Effective Tomorrow, August 8th

The UIHC Transfusion Subcommittee and the DeGowin Blood Bank have been working to update the Massive Transfusion Protocol.

These changes were driven by two major issues:

1. The previous protocol ended after only 5 sets and in cases that required additional sets another order would need to be placed.

2. Several studies have supported the use of more plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate in the protocols and most institutions have adopted protocols that use more of these products than what our previous protocol did. While the data is not clear on the optimal ratio, the Transfusion Committee felt that more of these products relative to the number of RBCs was appropriate and the committee approved the new protocol last spring.

HCIS has now prepared the new order set and DeGowin Blood Bank is prepared to make these changes as well.

Effective Aug 8, 2017, the Massive Transfusion Protocol #BC-475.2 will be implemented at UIHC (After implementation, refer to "Blood Center – Transfusion Protocols located on The Point"). The major change is that all sets will contain 4 U RBCs and 3 U Plasma and the order can be used to issue up to 20 sets (80 pRBCs and 60 Plasma). Platelets will be issued in Even number sets and if requested Cryoprecipiate (1 5U Pool) will start in the 3rd set and be issued every other set after that (Odd sets except the first one).

Questions should be directed to Mike Knudson, MD, DeGowin Blood Bank Medical Director ( or Dionne Skeete, MD, Transfusion Committee Chair (