Influenza / Respiratory Virus Testing and Epidemiology

Seasonal influenza is present in the community and the Microbiology and Molecular Pathology Laboratory will therefore continue with an seasonal cutoff time for receipt of samples of 2PM to obtain same-day results for the Respiratory Virus PCR (Epic code RVPCR) and Influenza A/B panel PCR (Epic code INPCR).  The respiratory virus panel is recommended for diagnosis and management of inpatients.

Charts tracking seasonal respiratory virus activity (below) and GI pathogen prevalence are now available in the UIHC Micro Guide app, which is available free of charge on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store:

Tracking Chart
Test analytes, order codes, and handbook entries for these tests are listed below.

RESPIRATORY VIRUS PCR (INFLUENZA) (LAB7366, EPIC code RVPCR) tests for eight respiratory viruses: Influenza A (including H1N1); influenza B; parainfluenza viruses 1, 2, and 3; adenovirus; respiratory syncytial virus (RSV); and human metapneumovirus.

Handbook entry:

INFLUENZA A/B PANEL PCR (LAB7455, EPIC code INPCR): Tests for influenza A (including H1N1) and B viruses.

Handbook entry:

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