Change in Cortisol Testing

Effective today, February 7, 2017, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics core clinical chemistry laboratory will change the assay version for the serum/plasma cortisol assay (CORTISOL, Epic # LAB61).  The current assay will change to the next generation assay (Roche Diagnostics Cortisol II).

AM (7:00 – 10:00):  6.0 – 18.4 μg/dL
PM (15:00 – 17:00): 2.7 – 10.5 μg/dL

Reference ranges for cortisol display only in the footnote to the assay results given the variation in cortisol secretion across circadian rhythms.

Questions should be directed to Matthew Krasowski, MD, PhD, medical director of the Clinical Chemistry Laboratory (384-9380,