Hepatitis B Core Antibody, Total
Label Mnemonic: HBCB
Epic Lab Code: LAB622
Downtime Form: A-1a General Laboratory Requisition
6240 RCP
Collection Medium:
Plasma Separator Tube 4.5 mL
Alternate Collection Media:
Call laboratory for additional acceptable specimen collection containers.
5 mL whole blood from light green top tube or TWO light green top microtubes for pediatric patients
Testing Schedule:
24 hrs/day, 7 days a week, including holidays.
Turn Around Time:
1 hour (upon receipt in laboratory)
Reference Range:
Interpretive Data:
A negative result of >1.10 indicates that anti-HBc antibodies were not detected in the sample. A positive result of <0.90 indicates presumptive evidence of hepatitis B virus infection. Anti-HBc antibodies were detected in the sample which suggests either on-going or previous HBV infection.
Part of initial diagnostic hepatitis profile.

Current methods for the detection of anti-HBc antibodies may not detect all infected individuals. A negative test result does not exclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with HBV.
Test Limitations:
The assay is unaffected by icterus < 25 mg/dL, hemolysis (Hb < 800 mg/dL), or lipemia < 1000 mg/dL).
Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay
CPT Code: