Hemoglobin Evaluation, Quantitation with Interpretation
Label Mnemonic: HEOP
Epic Lab Code: LAB1081
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
6240 RCP
Collection Medium:
Lavender top tube 3 mL (EDTA)
Full draw; 3.0 mL lavender top; (or fingerstick-purple top microtainer®)
Testing Schedule:
This test is batched and run routinely on Fridays. If you need results STAT, call hematology resident (8-1630, M-F) at 356-8628. All other times page the Pathology resident on-call at 3404.
Reference Range:
Hemoglobin A2 0-3.5% Hemoglobin C 0% Hemoglobin F Birth-3 months: 50-80% 3 months-1 Year: 6% After 1 year: 2% or less Hemoglobin S 0%
This assay quantitates hemoglobin A, A2, C, F, and S levels using capillary electrophoresis and includes pathologist interpretation of hemoglobin electrophoresis pattern. This would be appropriate order for initial workup of patient hemoglobin phenotype. If quantitative Hb A, A2, C, F, and S levels alone are sufficient, "Hemoglobin Evaluation, Quantitation Only" (LAB7798) would be appropriate order and would have lower charges. For quantitation of fetal erythrocytes in maternal blood (e.g., workup of possible feto-maternal hemorrhage), "Fetal Erythrocyte Quantitation" (LAB292) would be appropriate order.

This test is appropriate for routine screening. Pertinent clinical information should accompany the request and there should be a recent hematology profile. Path resident will interact with clinician on all quantitative hemoglobin orders. Peripheral smear morphology, RBC indicies, and electrophoretic results are correlated by the pathologist and a written narrative is reported by computer. Analysis cannot be done on patients transfused within the preceding three months since the presence of transfused cells may render the interpretation ambiguous.
Capillary electrophoresis and Wright Stain
CPT Code: