Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH-Tumors)
Epic Lab Code: CYT54
Downtime Form: C-12 Cytogenetics Request
Shivanand R. Patil Cytogenetics & Molecular Laboratory
Department of Pediatrics
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Tumor Tissue
Specimen Instructions:
Provide details of clinical information. If a specimen is collected over the weekend, please page the technologist on call by dialing 1-888- 533-0186. When it stops ringing, enter your phone number, the '#' sign, and hang up.
Specimen obtained aseptically according to your protocol. Collect specimen using sterile technique. DO NOT FREEZE OR CENTRIFUGE THE SPECIMEN. This analysis can be done on interphase nuclei or on metaphase cells. Contact the Cytogenetics Lab with questions.
Delivery Instructions:
Submit specimen to laboratory as soon as possible after collection.
Testing Schedule:
Specimens accepted in the lab Monday-Friday, 0800-1700. After hours specimens should be taken to specimen control and a message left on the lab voice mail. In the case of an emergency, follow the instructions on the lab voice mail.
Turn Around Time:
Preliminary results will be reported within 2-3 days and final results within 1-2 weeks.
Reference Range:
Male: X and Y probe signals Female: two X probe signals For autosomes, the reference range varies for each probe (set). Suitable for interphase and metaphase analysis. Call lab for information.
This test can be used for screening of sex chromosomes, for monosomies (eg., 5, 7, etc.), for trisomies (eg., +4, +8, +11, +12, +13, +14, +18, +19, +21, +22, etc.) or for detection of the gene fusion resulting from translocations in solid tumors.

If the desired FISH probe is not listed, call the laboratory.

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Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH)
CPT Code:
88271 x # of probes
88275 x # of probes, 88291
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