Chromosomal Analysis
Label Mnemonic: CAPEDS
Epic Lab Code: CYT51
Downtime Form: C-12 Cytogenetics Request
Shivanand R. Patil Cytogenetics & Molecular Laboratory
Department of Pediatrics
W-101 GH
356-3877 (Laboratory)
Peripheral Blood, Cord Blood
Specimen Instructions:
If a specimen is collected over the weekend, please page the technologist on call by dialing 1-888-533-0186. When it stops ringing, enter your phone number, the '#' sign, and hang up. Provide details of clinical information and family history (if applicable).
Collection Medium:
Green top tube 10 mL (Na Heparin) Hospital Stores #907693
5-10 cc adult, 2 cc infants of venous blood collected in a green-top Vacutainer® with sodium heparin. Invert tube to mix well. Label tube with patient name and medical record number. DO NOT FREEZE OR CENTRIFUGE.
Delivery Instructions:
Submit specimen to laboratory as soon as possible after collection.
Testing Schedule:
Specimens accepted in the lab Monday-Friday, 0800-1700. After hours specimens should be taken to specimen control and a message left on the lab voice mail. In the case of an emergency, follow the instructions on the lab voice mail.
Turn Around Time:
Allow a minimum of 7-14 days for final results. Preliminary results are given for STAT cases within 48 hours.
Reference Range:
Male: 46,XY
Female: 46,XX
If the patient has been transfused, wait a minimum of two weeks before obtaining the specimen.

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CPT Code:
88230, 88262, 88291
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