SNRPN/UBE3A Methylation Analysis Prader-Willi with Interpretation
Label Mnemonic: PW
Epic Lab Code: LAB2483
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Molecular
Molecular Pathology
6004 BT GH
Whole Blood
Collection Medium:
Lavender top tube 3 mL (EDTA)
Adults - 3 mL whole blood in lavender top tube (EDTA) Children - 2 mL whole blood in lavender top tube (EDTA) Testing on smaller volumes than those requested will be attempted. However, in some cases, small blood volumes may compromise the ability to perform testing. Testing requires a dedicated collection tube.
Delivery Instructions:
Room temperature up to 24 hours. Refrigerate overnight, weekends and holidays.
Testing Schedule:
Turn Around Time:
21 days
Reference Range:
Prader-Willi syndrome - absent paternal 15q12
Southern Blot (Methylation detection)
CPT Code: