Amniotic Fluid AFP - Iowa Maternal Screening
Label Mnemonic: AMIMS
Epic code: LAB8344
Downtime form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Amniotic Fluid
Specimen Instructions:
Race, ultrasound date, crown rump length (CRL) in mm and biparietal distance (BPD) in mm at time of ultrasound required. Also note if the patient is taking insulin for diabetes and whether the patient or her partner had a neural tube defect (NTD) or if either has had a previous pregnancy with a NTD.

Bloody specimen is not suitable for reflexive ACHE (Acetylcholinesterase) testing.

If transport to laboratory is delayed, refrigerate specimen.
Collection Medium:
Miscellaneous container; contact laboratory
1-2 mL in a miscellaneous container without preservative.
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver to laboratory after collection.
Testing Schedule:
3-5 days upon receipt at reference laboratory
Reference Range:
By report - AFP calculated Multiple of the Median (MoM) based on gestational age.
Test is for the prenatal diagnosis of open NTD.
Quantitative Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
CPT Code:
82106, add 82013 if reflexed to ACHE (Acetylcholinesterase), LAB8345