Amniotic Fluid Culture for Genetic Testing
Label Mnemonic: AFC
Epic code: LAB7760
Downtime form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Amniotic Fluid
Specimen Instructions:
Provide a reason for referral and gestational age with each specimen. The laboratory will not reject testing if this information is not provided, but appropriate testing and interpretation may be compromised or delayed.

Optimal timing for specimen collection is during 14 to 18 weeks of gestation, but specimens collected at other weeks of gestation are also accepted.
Collection Medium:
Sterile container
5-10 mL Amniotic Fluid
Turn Around Time:
23 days upon receipt at reference laboratory
Reference Range:
Not applicable.
Useful For:
Producing amniocyte cultures that can be used for genetic analysis.

Once confluent flasks are established, the amniocyte cultures are sent to other laboratories, either within the reference laboratory or to external sites, based on the specific testing requested.

Please print, complete and submit the Informed Consent for Genetic Testing from Mayo Medical Laboratories with the specimen.
Cell Culture
CPT Code:
88235, 88240