Miscellaneous Test - Other
Label Mnemonic: MTESTO
Epic Lab Code: LAB7779
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Test dependent
Test dependent
Rejection Criteria:
Test dependent
Delivery Instructions:
Test dependent
Turn Around Time:
Test dependent
Reference Range:
By report
A miscellaneous test order is a Commercial Mail-Out order not linked to a specified test and a referral testing laboratory. This order is utilized when a test order is not found on the EPIC Facility/Preference Lists.

Specimen type includes but is not limited to extracted DNA, FFPE block/slides, frozen tissue, CSF, pericardial/pleural fluid or stool.

If the specimen is not collected by the ordering provider or nursing staff, Mailouts must be notified by calling 356-8593.

Since this order is not connected to a specified test, the full name of the test (no abbreviations, no acronyms) is an EPIC Order Entry question.

Additionally, the following information should be provided in the Order Entry Comments (F6) text field:
•Specimen type and if appropriate, specimen collection requirements.
•Test number/ID and referral testing laboratory.
•Specimen processing and storage requirements.

All miscellaneous test requests are reviewed by pathology Mailouts staff. Some testing requires approval by pathologist, including all testing on inpatient encounters exceeding $1,000 in charges.

Contact Mailouts at 356-8593 (0800-1630) for questions on direct bill options and the protocol to be used. For outpatient ordering, direct bill options (if available) can reduce patient and institutional financial liability for Mailout testing.
Test dependent
CPT Code:
Test dependent