Reproductive-Semen Analysis
Epic Lab Code: SPL19
Reproductive Testing Laboratory
40008 PFP
Specimen Instructions:
Patients should have 2 to 7 days of sexual abstinence prior to semen collection to optimize sperm concentration and quality.
Collection Medium:
Reproductive Testing Laboratory approved container
Delivery Instructions:
Patient collection at laboratory is preferred. If other collection is required, the patient must contact the laboratory at 319-467-5299 for instructions.
Testing Schedule:
8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday-Friday, appointment required
Patients should contact the Reproductive Testing Lab at 319-467-5299 to schedule an appointment.
Turn Around Time:
24 hours for semen analysis; 7 days for sperm morphology. A preliminary report for semen analysis is available within 1 hour of specimen receipt, upon request.
Reference Range:
Semen Analysis Parameter Lower Reference Range* Days Continence (DC)** 2-7 days optimal Volume ≥ 1.5 mL pH of Seminal Fluid ≥ 7.2 Complete Sample Yes Appearance Normal Liquefaction Normal Viscosity Normal Agglutination No Sperm Concentration/mL (x106) ≥ 15 million/mL Total Sperm Count (x106) ≥ 42 million Total Motility ≥ 40% Progressive Motility ≥ 32% Post ejaculate urine for laboratory use only unless noted in comments section *The reference ranges reflect the lower reference limits (5th centiles and their 95% confidence intervals) for semen characteristics of men whose partners became pregnant within 12 months of discontinuing contraceptive use. Reference: World Health Organization (WHO). **Days of Abstinence Sperm Morphology (Tygerberg Strict Criteria) and WBC Lower Reference Range Strictly Normal Head Shape > 4% Germinal Cells x 106/mL Normal values not established, but if elevated relative to mature sperm count, may indicate spermatogenesis defect. WBC x106/mL < 1 x 106/mL
For further information, please refer to Reproductive Testing Laboratory website.
Manual sperm count, motility and morphology evaluation
CPT Code:
89320 (semen analysis)
89322 (semen analysis with morphology)
89321 (post-vasectomy semen analysis)