Trichomonas - Males Only
Label Mnemonic: TVAG
Epic Lab Code: LAB7889
Downtime Form: A-1a Miscellaneous Request
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Specimen Instructions:
Collections should be made using the Aptima Unixsex Collection Kit.

Location of these kits:
1. Microbiology Laboratory at 356-2591
2. Specimen Control at 356-3527
3. Commercial Mailouts at 356-8593
4. IRL Laboratory at 467-2010
Collection Medium:
APTIMA® Unisex Swab Kit
Rejection Criteria:
Large white swab is for preparatory cleaning of the endocervix and is unacceptable for testing. Specimens in any transport media other than indicated above. Specimen in swab transport media without a swab. Specimens from patients that are less than 14 years of age.
Turn Around Time:
1-4 days upon receipt at the reference laboratory
Reference Range:
Interpretive Data:
A negative result does not completely rule out infection with T. vaginalis.

Results should be interpreted in conjunction with other clinical data. This test has not been validated for use with self-collected vaginal swab specimens from patients.
This test is for male patients ONLY. Specimens from Females should use LAB7263 Vaginosis/Vaginitis Panel (Trichomonas, Yeast and Gardnerella).

Male urine may be inhibitory to the assay and contamination of the swab with urine should be avoided.

Call Microbiology at 356-2591 for the APTIMA Unisex Swab for males. This kit contains the Male Urethral swab and has instructions for male collection.
Qualitative Transcription-Mediated Amplification
CPT Code: