Group A Rapid Strep Screen - IRL Only
Label Mnemonic: RSPOC
Epic Lab Code: LAB1140
Iowa River Landing Laboratory
Room 0401 IRL
Throat Swab
Collection Medium:
ESwab Collection & Transport System BBL Cultureswab
Collect TWO swabs:
ONE ESwab (Product #74541) and ONE BBL CulureSwab (Product #33595).
Send the ESwab to the Microbiology laboratory. This order is for culture backup only, in parallel with a rapid Group A Streptococcus screen performed at IRL.

This order panel is for IRL Patients only.
The panel includes culture confirmation of negative Group A Streptococcal (GAS) rapid antigen or nucleic acid amplification tests. Cultures are examined for Group A, C, and G Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium. The GAS culture will not be performed if the rapid test is positive.

This panel is available only in Epic.

A negative rapid GAS detection test should be confirmed with a throat culture.
CPT Code:
See also:
Culture-Group A Strep Screen, Throat Swab, Rectal Swab