Dermatopathology Exam
Epic code: LAB8280
Downtime form: H-2 Pathology Consult - Derm
Surgical Pathology Laboratory
5804 JPP
Slides, Tissue and Tissue Blocks
Skin biopsy or excision is required. The requisition must contain: patient name, medical record number, biopsy date, tissue source, biopsy site, question(s) to be answered, differential diagnosis, and complete patient history and findings. Place tissue in 10% neutral buffered formalin. Label container with the patient name, medical record number, and tissue source.
Delivery Instructions:
Hand Deliver to Laboratory
Testing Schedule:
0800-1630 Monday through Friday. For additional services, contact Clinical Pathology Resident on-call at pager #3404.
Turn Around Time:
2-3 days
Reference Range:
The pathologist will provide an interpretative report.
Light Microscopy
CPT Code:
88304, 88305, 88312, 88313, 88321, 88342