Antibody Identification, Class I, Single Antigen (VAMC)
Iowa Regional Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
Veterans Affairs Hospital 10E-19
319-338-0581, EXT. 5640 (dial 158 from UIHC)
Whole Blood
One 10 mL red top (no additive) tube.
Delivery Instructions:
Deliver at room temperature.
Turn Around Time:
Test performed weekly. Resulted in Epic 7 working days.
STAT results verbal within 5 hours. Resulted in Epic by 24 hr.
Recommended for fine specificity on high PRA patients or patients suspected of antibody mediated rejection. Unacceptable antigens are updated in UNOS for active patients listed in UNOS. Available STAT.

All HLA Testing is ordered through the University of Iowa Epic System.
Luminex, Solid Phase
CPT Code: