Chromosomal Analysis
Epic Lab Code: CYT53
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Shivanand R. Patil Cytogenetics & Molecular Laboratory
Department of Pediatrics
W-101 GH
356-3877 (Laboratory)
Skin or Internal Tissue or Blood from Autopsy
Specimen Instructions:
If a specimen is collected over the weekend, please page the technologist on call by dialing 1-888-533-0186. When it stops ringing, enter your phone number, the '#' sign, and hang up.
Specimen obtained aseptically according to your protocol. DO NOT PUT SPECIMEN IN ALCOHOL OR FORMALIN OR FREEZE. Label tube with patient name and medical record number.
Delivery Instructions:
Submit specimen to laboratory as soon as possible after collection.
Testing Schedule:
Specimens accepted in the lab Monday-Friday, 0800-1700. After hours specimens should be taken to specimen control and a message left on the lab voice mail. In the case of an emergency, follow the instructions on the lab voice mail.
Turn Around Time:
Allow 2-3 weeks for blood specimens, and 3-6 weeks for tissue specimens, to obtain final results.
Reference Range:
Male: 46,XY Female: 46,XX
Specimen should be collected as soon as possible. In the case of a recently deceased infant (< 24 hours) a blood specimen from a cardiac puncture usually gives a good result. Skin and other tissues obtained more than 48 hours post-mortem have a markedly decreased success rate of cell growth for cytogenetic analysis.

 I. Peripheral blood:
    -Collect 5-10 cc adult, 2 cc infants of blood in a green-top
     vacutainer with sodium heparin. Invert tube to mix well.  DO NOT
    -Deliver specimen to the Cytogenetics Lab (W-101, GH) as soon as
     possible during work hours (Monday through Friday, 0800-1700).

II. Skin, fetal tissue, diaphragm tissue, tumor tissue, other tissue:
    -Use Ham's F-10, RPMI or MEM media in a centrifuge tube for
     transport media.  If special transport media is not available,
     sterile Ringers lactate solution can be used.
    -Specimen should be obtained aseptically. Do not put specimen in
     alcohol or formalin. Do not freeze or flame or refrigerate.
    -In cases of abortion, don't send intact fetus.  Send only tissue
     specimen to the lab (skin, diaphragm, lung, etc).
-Label the tube(s) with patient name and medical record number (there
 should be two identifications).
-Specimens should be sent at room temperature.

Also call the lab at 319-356-3877 with any questions.

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