Surgical Pathology Exam
Epic Lab Code: LAB8232
Downtime Form: H-1 Surgical Pathology Consult
Surgical Pathology Laboratory
5804 JPP
Pathology Consultation. The attending physician must sign the order indicating whether or not s/he agrees to reflex testing in the event the consulting pathologist must order additional stains and/or procedures necessary to render a diagnosis.

The requisition must contain: patient name, medical record number, collection date, tissue source and pertinent clinical information.

Tissue for frozen section evaluation or other special studies should be delivered fresh (wrapped in saline soaked gauze) and labeled frozen section, Touch Prep, etc. to the Surgical Pathology Laboratory, 5804 JPP. All other tissue is sent fresh in saline during normal laboratory hours. Tissue Submitted before 800 and after 2100 must be placed in 10% neutral buffered formalin, labeled with the appropriate formalin warning sticker.
Turn Around Time:
2 days
Reference Range:
The pathologist will provide an interpretative report.
The Surgical Pathology window at 5802 JPP is open Mon-Fri 0800-2100. After hours and on holidays, deliver the formalin fixed tissue to the Specimen Control window (6248PW-1 RCP) of the Core Laboratory. If submitting fresh tissue after hours, contact the Surgical Pathology resident on call by paging 131-3265.
Light microscopy
CPT Code:
CPT code is dependent on: tissue source, extent of surgery, and diagnosis.