Striated Muscle Antibody, IgG with Reflex to Titer
Label Mnemonic: STMR
Epic Lab Code: LAB1356
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Collection Medium:
Red top tube 5 mL (Clot Activator)
Preferred Minimum: 1 mL serum
Absolute Minimum: 0.15 mL serum
Rejection Criteria:
Plasma. Severely lipemic, contaminated, or hemolyzed specimens.
Turn Around Time:
1-5 days upon receipt at reference laboratory
Reference Range:
Screen: < 1:40 No antibody detected.
Titer: < 1:40 No antibody detected.
Titers greater than or equal to 1:80 are suggestive of myasthenia; however, striated muscle antibody can be found in rheumatic fever, myocardial infarction, and a variety of post-cardiotomy states. All positives will be titered to endpoint. If Striated Muscle Ab is >1:40, then a titer will be added.
Semi-Quantitative Indirect Fluorescent Antibody
CPT Code:
86255 Striated muscle; if reflexed, add 86256 Striated muscle titer: additional charges will occur