Request for Stone Analysis at Litholink Laboratory
Label Mnemonic: STONEORD
Epic Lab Code: LAB7845
Commercial Mail-out Laboratory
5231 RCP
Collection Medium:
Urine - 24 hour/timed dark plastic urine container
24 hour urine collection with special preservative; collected by patient at home and submitted to reference laboratory via FedEx from patient's home.
Rejection Criteria:
Collections must be at least 22 hours but no longer than 26 hours. No vitamins five days prior to collection. Refrigerated urine. Determined by reference laboratory.
Testing Schedule:
Varies dependent upon patient's collection.
STONEORD is an order placement tool for provider orders. Provider determines one day collection versus two day collection.

Orders received in Mailouts via Epic In Basket will be sent to Litholink on a daily basis Monday-Friday.

Order must be released for notification to be received in Commerical Mailouts.

Litholink Laboratory then sends kit to patient's home. Once 24 hour sample is collected; patient contacts FedEx for home pick-up and submission to Litholink Laboratory.

Results are faxed to Mailouts when completed and entered into patient's electronic medical record.
CPT Code:
82507, 83945