Lupus Anticoagulant
Label Mnemonic: LUPUS
Epic code: LAB478
6240 RCP
Citrated Whole Blood More information
Collection Medium:
Light Blue top tube 2.7 mL (Na Citrate) Light Blue top tube 2.7 mL (Na Citrate)
Collect TWO full tubes - 2.7 mL citrated (light blue top) tube
Rejection Criteria:
Short drawn tube, clot, traumatic tap (excessive hemolysis). Add on testing is not allowed.
Testing Schedule:
0800-1630 Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need results STAT, call Hematology resident (0800-1630, M-F) at 356-8628. All other times page the Pathology resident on-call at 3404.
Turn Around Time:
24-36 hours
A prolonged PTT is investigated to determine the presence of a Lupus Anticoagulant.
CPT Code:
Dilute Viper Venom Test - 85613
Clinical Pathology Consultation Limited - 80500
Prothrombin Time - 85610
Thromboplastin Time Partial Plasma/Whole Blood - 85730
Fibrinogen Activity - 85384
Thrombin Time Plasma - 85670
Thromboplastin Time Prtl Substit Plasma Frctj Ea - 85732
Heparin Assay - 85520

See Lupus Algorithm for CPT details.