KOH Prep (Fungal Stain, KOH with Calcofluor White)
Label Mnemonic: KOH
Epic Lab Code: LAB2354
Downtime Form: A-1a Doctor-Provider Orders - Pathology Microbiology
BT 6004
Bacteriology/Virology Section
Skin Scrapings, Hair, Nail Clippings
Specimen Instructions:
Nails: 1. Remove nail polish. 2. Wipe nail with 70% alcohol prep pad. 3. Clip a generous portion of the affected area and collect scrapings of the excess keratin produced under the nail. 4. Place in sterile labeled container. Skin: 1. If a dermatophyte "ring" is present on the skin, collect samples from the outer margin of the ring at its junction with the normal skin. Otherwise, collect scaling skin. 2. Gently scrape the surface of the skin at the active margin of the lesion with a slide or scalpel. 3. Place scrapings between two clean glass slides, wrap securely and place in sterile labeled container. Hair: 1. Collect affected hair and place in sterile labeled container.
Collection Medium:
Sterile container
Delivery Instructions:
Label envelope/container/slides with two patient identifiers, date and time of collection and type of specimen. Specimen will not be accepted if in saline or other liquid, in gauze or cotton, or on swabs. If transport is delayed, refrigerate specimen.
Testing Schedule:
0700-1500, 7 days a week, including holidays.
Turn Around Time:
2 hours (upon receipt in laboratory)
This test is performed on all fungal culture requests. It can also be ordered as an individual test. It is used when looking for fungi in skin, hair, nails, body fluids and other clinical specimens.
Microscopic slide examination
CPT Code: