Aminolevulinic Acid
Label Mnemonic: ALA
Epic code: LAB2579
Downtime form: A-1a Doctor/Provider Orders - Pathology Core and Specialty Care Nursery
Commercial Mailout Laboratory
6240-8 RCP
Urine (24 hour or random) More information
Specimen Instructions:
Refrigerate during 24 hr collection.

Refrain from alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to collection.
Collection Medium:
Urine - 24 hour/timed dark plastic urine container
Collect 4 mL from a 24 hr or random urine.
Rejection Criteria:
Body fluids other than urine.
Turn Around Time:
1-4 days upon receipt at reference laboratory
Reference Range:
Aminolevulinic Acid, Urine     0-35 μmol/L 
Aminolevulinic Acid, Urine     0-60 μmol/d 

Creatinine, 24-Hour Urine
  3-8 years:          140-700 mg/d
  9-12 years:         300-1300 mg/d
  13-17 years:        500-2300 mg/d
  18-50 years:       1000-2500 mg/d
  51-80 years:        800-2100 mg/d
  81 years and older: 600-2000 mg/d 

  3-8 years:          140-700 mg/d
  9-12 years:         300-1300 mg/d
  13-17 years:        400-1600 mg/d
  18-50 years:        700-1600 mg/d
  51-80 years:        500-1400 mg/d
  81 years and older: 400-1300 mg/d
Increased ALA concentration is associated with exposure to alcohol, lead, and a variety of other agents. Massive elevation of ALA occurs in the acute porphyrias and hereditary tyrosinemia.

Specimen preservation with acid or base is discouraged and may cause assay interference. When collecting urine for additional tests that require acid or base preservation, the ALA aliquot should be removed prior to the addition of the acid or base.
Quantitative Ion Exchange Chromatography/Spectrophotometry
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