Interleukin Secretion
VA Diagnostic Immunology Lab
Veterans Affairs Hospital
Rm. 223, Bldg. 41
319-338-0581, EXT 7550
dial 158 from UIHC
Whole Blood
Specimen Instructions:
Call VA Diagnostic Immunology Lab as soon as sample is drawn
(319-338-0581) ext. 7550.

Blood cannot be held longer than 24 hours before processing.

ATTENTION: For samples drawn in Medicine Specialty Clinics and Pediatric Specialty Clinics place in VA DIAG. IMM (Ballas) box.

For samples drawn on the floor please call the lab for pick up
(319-338-0581) ext. 7550.
20 mL; sodium heparin green tops. Do not use a needle smaller than 21 gauge.
Delivery Instructions:
Keep at room temperature. Do not refrigerate. Do not centrifuge.
Reference Range:
Internal control and normal range reported with each sample.
This assay is run Monday through Thursday during working hours and Friday 8 a.m. to noon. This assay is run using viable lymphocytes.

This assay examines the ability of a patient's lymphocytes to generate IL2, and other cytokines, in response to a physiologic (via the T cell receptor complex) as well as a pharmacological stimulus. An abnormal response would suggest a T lymphocyte immune deficiency and would be consistent with a clinical picture of recurrent infection, failure to thrive and, possibly, recurrent tumors.