Fasting Specimen Requirements

Recommendations for fasting instructions prior to collection of a fasting glucose or lipid profile: Patient may have water. Black coffee with an artificial sweetener is approved but no sugar, milk or cream. Unsweetened tea is approved. A 12 hour fast is recommended for triglycerides testing; 8 hours of fasting is recommended for other fasting tests.

Amino Acids, Quantitative, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Apolipoprotein B/A Ratio, SerumCommercial Mailout
Bile Acids, Total, PlasmaChemistry
Bile Acids, Total-Other, Body FluidChemistry
Cholesterol, PlasmaChemistry
Cholesterol, High-Density Lipoprotein, PlasmaChemistry
Cholesterol, Low-Density Lipoprotein (calculated), PlasmaChemistry
Coenzyme Q10, Total, SerumCommercial Mailout
Cryoglobulin, Qual with Reflex to IFE Typing & Immunoglobulins, SerumCommercial Mailout
Cryoglobulin, Qualitative, with Reflex to Quantitative IgA, IgG, and IgM, SerumCommercial Mailout
Folate, SerumChemistry
Gastrin, SerumCommercial Mailout
Glucagon, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Glucose, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-2 HR, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-2 HR, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-3 HR, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-3 HR, PlasmaChemistry
H. pylori Breath Test, BreathCommercial Mailout
H. pylori Breath Test, Pediatric, BreathCommercial Mailout
Insulin, Total, PlasmaChemistry
Leptin, Quant by Chemiluminescents Immunoassay, SerumCommercial Mailout
Lipid Panel, PlasmaChemistry
Lipoprotein Profile, SerumCommercial Mailout
Low Density Cholesterol Measured, PlasmaChemistry
Pancreastatin, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Pancreatic Polypeptide, SerumCommercial Mailout
PEG Insulin Assay, PlasmaChemistry
Pepsinogen II, Plasma or SerumCommercial Mailout
Pipecolic Acid, SerumCommercial Mailout
Proinsulin, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Pyruvic Acid, BloodCommercial Mailout
Sterols, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Substance P, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Triglycerides, PlasmaChemistry
Very Long Chain Fatty Acids + Phytanic Acids, PlasmaCommercial Mailout
Vitamin A, SerumCommercial Mailout
Vitamin E, SerumCommercial Mailout

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