Fasting Specimen Requirements

Recommendations for fasting instructions prior to collection of a fasting glucose or lipid profile: Patient may have water. Black coffee with an artificial sweetener is approved but no sugar, milk or cream. Unsweetened tea is approved. A 12 hour fast is recommended for triglycerides testing; 8 hours of fasting is recommended for other fasting tests.

Amino Acids, Quantitative, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Apolipoprotein B/A Ratio, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Bile Acids, Total, PlasmaChemistry
Bile Acids, Total-Other, Body FluidChemistry
Cholesterol, PlasmaChemistry
Cholesterol, High-Density Lipoprotein, PlasmaChemistry
Cholesterol, Low-Density Lipoprotein (calculated), PlasmaChemistry
Coenzyme Q10, Total, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Cryoglobulin, Qual with Reflex to IFE Typing & Immunoglobulins, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Cryoglobulin, Qualitative, with Reflex to Quantitative IgA, IgG, and IgM, SerumCommercial Mail-out
7-Dehydrocholesterol, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Folate, SerumChemistry
Gastrin, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Glucagon, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Glucose, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-2 HR, PlasmaChemistry
Glucose Tolerance Test-3 HR, PlasmaChemistry
H. pylori Breath Test, BreathCommercial Mail-out
H. pylori Breath Test, Pediatric, BreathCommercial Mail-out
Insulin, Total, PlasmaChemistry
Leptin, Quant by Chemiluminescents Immunoassay, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Lipid Panel, PlasmaChemistry
Lipoprotein Profile, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Low Density Cholesterol Measured, PlasmaChemistry
Pancreastatin, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Pancreatic Polypeptide, SerumCommercial Mail-out
PEG Insulin Assay, PlasmaChemistry
Pepsinogen II, Plasma or SerumCommercial Mail-out
Pipecolic Acid, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Proinsulin, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Pyruvic Acid, BloodCommercial Mail-out
Sterols, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Substance P, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Triglycerides, PlasmaChemistry
Very Long Chain Fatty Acids + Phytanic Acids, PlasmaCommercial Mail-out
Vitamin A, SerumCommercial Mail-out
Vitamin E, SerumCommercial Mail-out

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