Bone Marrow Laboratory Services

The Bone Marrow Laboratory personnel are available to provide technical assistance in performance of bone marrow on inpatient areas and in the clinics.
  1. A Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) will come to the bedside and assist in making smears and touch preps, provide procedure supplies and will transport specimens. This service is available through the Bone Marrow Lab for all patients.

  2. Procedure

    1. Please call the Bone Marrow Laboratory (356-2543) if possible at least one-half day before you plan on doing an inpatient procedure. Marrows can be scheduled as follows: inpatient units: 0830 - 1030 and 1300 - 1430 daily. Cancer Center Clinic: daily 0800-1530. Peds/Heme/Onc Clinic: daily. Marrow specimens collected by 1500 assures the sections of the biopsy will be out the next day.

    2. Schedule a time for the procedure to be done. Provide the patient care area, the patient's name and MRN, type of work-up, and any special tests to be done (i.e. cultures, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, etc.) If cytogenetics are needed, request a media tube by calling the Cytogenetics Laboratory at 356-3877. Identify patients under special precautions.

    3. Complete an order in Epic for Bone Marrow Examination (LAB8235). Epic orders must be completed for all additional samples. Labels print for all samples with the exception of cytogenetics and need to be given to the technologist assisting with the procedure. Arrange for pre-medication if desired and obtain patient consent before the technologist arrives.

  3. Outside slides can be submitted for review. Include the slides, outside report and completed order for Bone Marrow Examination (LAB8235).
All Bone Marrow Laboratory results can be reviewed in Epic under Chart Review, AP Tab.