Osmolality Gap Calculator

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The osmolality gap (OG) is an indication of unmeasured solute in the blood.
It is determined by the measured osmolality (MO) minus the calculated osmolality (CO).


Here's an easy way to calculate it.

Plasma sodium concentration: mmol/L
Plasma glucose: mg/dL
Plasma urea: mg/dL
Measured Osmolality, plasma: mOsm/kg H2O
Measured ETOH, plasma: mg/dL

 Osmolality Gap: mOsm/kg H2O *** REQUIRED FIELD
(unexplained after subtracting measured ethanol contribution)

If the above Osmolality Gap is elevated, the amount of one of these candidate substances that may explain the elevation will be calculated by checking an option below: see ref.3
Ethylene Glycol, mg/dL
Methyl Alcohol, mg/dL
Isopropyl Alcohol, mg/dL


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