Each year the Office of the Provost invites nominations for the Regents Award for Faculty Excellence, which was established in 1990.

The award is intended to honor tenured faculty members with distinguished records of achievement. The criterion statement in the Award description is as follows:

"Tenured faculty members are eligible for selection. Recipients must have a sustained record of excellence across the spectrum of faculty endeavors (teaching, scholarship, service) or such outstanding accomplishments in one or more of the areas as to justify their selection."

The Advisory Committee to the Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education (OCRME) requests nominations from the College of Medicine, reviews the nominations relative to the criterion statement, and recommends to the Dean which nominations to forward to the Provost.

A selection committee appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate, in consultation with the Provost, reviews nominations from across the University and recommends recipients to the Faculty Council. The Council submits names to the Provost for concurrence. Recipients are affirmed by the Board of Regents.