David E. Stec, Ph.D.

Former Postdoctoral Fellow (1996-2000)


Current Position:

Assistant Professor of Physiology

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Jackson, MS



Publications from the Sigmund Lab:
1: Stec DE, Keen HL, Sigmund CD.  
  Lower blood pressure in floxed angiotensinogen mice after adenoviral delivery of Cre-recombinase.
Hypertension. 2002 Feb;39(2 Pt 2):629-33.
2: Stec DE, Morimoto S, Sigmund CD.  
  Vectors for high-level expression of cDNAs controlled by tissue-specific promoters in transgenic mice.
Biotechniques. 2001 Aug;31(2):256-8, 260. No abstract available.
3: Stec DE, Sigmund CD.  
  Physiological insights from genetic manipulation of the renin-angiotensin system.
News Physiol Sci. 2001 Apr;16:80-4. Review.
4: Ding Y, Stec DE, Sigmund CD.  
  Genetic evidence that lethality in angiotensinogen-deficient mice is due to loss of systemic but not renal angiotensinogen.
J Biol Chem. 2001 Mar 9;276(10):7431-6. Epub 2000 Nov 28.
5: Stec DE, Davisson RL, Haskell RE, Davidson BL, Sigmund CD.  
  Efficient liver-specific deletion of a floxed human angiotensinogen transgene by adenoviral delivery of Cre recombinase in vivo.
J Biol Chem. 1999 Jul 23;274(30):21285-90.
6: Davisson RL, Ding Y, Stec DE, Catterall JF, Sigmund CD.  
  Novel mechanism of hypertension revealed by cell-specific targeting of human angiotensinogen in transgenic mice.
Physiol Genomics. 1999 Jul 15;1(1):3-9.
7: Stec DE, Sigmund CD.  
  Modifiable gene expression in mice: kidney-specific deletion of a target gene via the cre-loxP system.
Exp Nephrol. 1998 Nov-Dec;6(6):568-75. Review.
8: Stec DE, Davisson RL, Sigmund CD.  
  Transgenesis and gene targeting in the mouse; tools for studying genetic determinants of hypertension.
Trends Cardiovasc Med. 1998 Aug;8(6):256-64.


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