We study the circuitry of cognitive control in the frontal cortex of humans and rodents. These circuits require dopamine and malfunction in human diseases such as Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia. We have recently identified ways to compensate for these deficits and are working hard to translate these findings to human disease.

Our work is funded by NIH, the Carver Trust, MJFF, BBRF, the Nellie Ball Trust, and FOE.

Check out our recent publications on pubmed or scholar , or our lab calendar .

Nandakumar Narayanan, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology
Narayanan CV
Young-cho Kim, PhD
Research Professor

Kim CV

Georgina Aldridge
Neurology Fellow NINDS R25

Arun Singh
Staff Scientist

Josephine Schamp, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow
Titan Neurological Fellow
(also in Andrew Pieper's lab)

Stephanie Alberico, BS
PhD Graduate Student

Eric Emmons, BA
PhD Graduate Student

Ryan Kelley, BS
MD / PHD Graduate Student

Ben Decorte, BA
PHD Graduate Student

Qiang (Johnson) Zhang, MD
Neurology Resident

Dennis Jung
Research Engineer

Tomas Lence
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Lucy Wagner Undergraduate Research Assistant (St. Olaf's)

Lab Photos

Krystal L. Parker, PhD
Postdoc 2012-2017
Assistant Professor @ The University of Iowa's Neuroscience Institute

Parker Lab Website or @IowaParkerLab

Sangwoo Han
Research Assistant 2015-17
Now at UC Irvine MSTP

Livia Lins
PhD Student, UFS Sergipe
Visiting Student 2015

Dron Lamichhane, MD
Research Fellow 2012-2014
Movement Disorders,University of Illinois:Peoria

Rafael Ruggiero, BS, MA
PhD Student University of Sao Paolo
Visting Fellow 2015

Johnathan Kingyon, BS
Undergrad honors 2012-2015
Medical Student, University of Iowa

Sarah Gross

Research Assistant 2014-2015
Medical Student, University of Iowa

Adam D. Miller, BSc
Research Assistant 2012-2014
Medical Student, Iowa

Aaron Nessler
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Karun Kiani
Undergraduate, Claremont-McKenna
University of Pennsylvania MSTP