Prostate Cancer Resarch Group

The Prostate Cancer Research Program was established at the University of Iowa (UI) in 1991. Under the direction of the Dr. David M Lubaroff and Dr. Michael Cohen, the group began meeting on a monthly basis to discuss the development of research collaborations. The research backgrounds of the investigators at that time included immunology, genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology, chemoprevention, radiation research, clinical urology, and chemotherapy. Monthly journal club meetings were also initiated to discuss pertinent papers in the field of prostate cancer. Support for the efforts of this group was strong from its inception. The success of the Prostate Cancer Research Group has depended upon the interdisciplinary collaborations that have been forged in the years of its existence. There has been, and continues to be, a commitment from members of the group to maintain an active and productive research group in prostate cancer. Each member has contributed his or her expertise and insight into the problems associated with prostate cancer. The interest and direction of the group is predominantly that of laboratory research, although there exists a significant clinical research component to the group's interests. In 1995 Dr. Lubaroff was awarded a Developmental Program Grant in Prostate Cancer from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). This award permitted the exponential growth of prostate cancer research at the UI. New investigators joined the group and we were able to recruit an established prostate cancer investigator. At the present time there are 62 members in the group, representing 2 UI colleges, 16 UI departments and the VA. The group meets monthly for the exchange of research ideas that lead to a high level of collaborations, multiple publications, and research funding.

In order to provide the most comprehensive research program in prostate cancer the PCRG is working together with the VA Research Enhancement Award Program (REAP) in prostate cancer. As can be seen in the REAP section of this webpage, the VA REAP investigators meet monthly to promote prostate cancer research at the Iowa City VA Medical Center. The integration of the UI and VA prostate cancer programs will promote high levels of scientific investigations into the basic and clinical aspects of the disease.

Meeting Schedule for January through June, 2005
All meetings are held at 7:30 am in room 3181E MERF.

January 21

James Torner

February 18

Michael Henry

March 25

David Lubaroff

April 15

Sue O'Dorisio

May 27

Charles Lynch

June 17

Oskar Rokhlin

Membership List

1.Gail Bishop – Microbiology
2. John Buatti – Radiation Oncology
3. Garry Buettner - Free Radical Research
4. David Bushnell – Radiology
5. Kevin Campbell – Physiology
6. Xiao Hong Chen – Urology
7. Elizabeth Crischilles - Epidemiology
8 . Michael Cohen - Pathology
9. Scott Crist – Urology
10. Bev Davidson - Internal Medicine
12. Leslie Dennis - Epidemiology
13. Frederick Domann – Radiation Oncology
14. Bennet Elzey - Urology
15. John Engelhardt - Anatomy & Cell Biology
16. Dwight Ferguson - Epidemiology
17. Elizabeth Field - Internal Medicine
18. Laurence Fuortes – Occupational & Environmental Health
19. Prabhat Goswami – Free Radical Research
20. Michael Graham – Nuclear Medicine
21. Thomas Griffith - Urology
21. Paul Heidger - Anatomy & Cell Biology
22. Michael Henry – Physiology
23. Matthew Hill – Internal Medicine
24. Daniel Kahn - Radiology
25. Aloysius Klingelhutz - Microbiology
26. Badrinath Konety – Urology
27. David Lubaroff – Urology
28. Gabriele Ludewig – Occupational & Environmental Science
29. Yi Luo - Urology
30. Chuck Lynch - Epidemiology
31. Brian Martin - Microbiology
32. Michael McCromick – Internal Medicine
33. Larry Oberley - Radiation Research
34. Michael O’Donnell - Urology
35. Sue O’Dorisio – Pediatrics
36. Tom O’Dorisio – Endocrinology (VAMC)
37. Emil Racila – Internal Medicine
38. Timothy Ratliff – Urology
39. Krzysztof (Christopher) J. Reszka – VAMC
40. Nathan Rich – Internal Medicine
41. Oskar Rokhlin – Pathology
42. Paul Romitti – Epidemiology
43 Freya Schafer – Free Radical Research
44. Elaine Smith – Epidemiology
44. Douglas Spitz – Free Radical Research
45. Timothy Tewson – Radiology
46. Katie Tharp - Epidemiology
47. James Torner - Preventive Medicine
48. Robert Tucker – Pathology
49. Robert Wallace - Epidemiology
50. George Weiner – Cancer Center
51. Richard Williams – Urology
52. Nicholas Zavazava – Internal Medicine