Recurring Conferences and Meetings

Prostate Cancer Research Program - normally the third Friday of each month at 7:30 am in room 3181E MERF. Exceptions occur, please check the schedule for each month by clicking on the "PCRG" button on this website.

VA Research Enhancement Award Program (REAP) - the time varies, but normally on a Thursday afternoon in room 3181E MERF. Please check the schedule for each month by clicking on the "VA REAP" button on this website.

Immunology Seminar - Every Wednesday at 4:00 pm in room 283 EMRB.

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Forum - normally held on the third Tuesday of each month from 5:00 to 6:30 pm in the 1117 MERF. The schedule for the remainder of 2004 is as follows:

Discussion Leader
September 21 Radiation Oncology John Buatti
October 19 Population Sciences John Lowe
November 29* Cancer & Aging (Chemotherapy) Sturart Lichtman
December 14 Plans for CCSG Site Visit George Weiner


Non-Recurring Conferences and Meetings

November 2004

University of Iowa Department of Urology and the Prostate Cancer Research Program Fall Research Conference: November 12, 2004. Urology Conference Room, 3243-1 RCP. Visiting Professor: Gerald Cunha, PhD; Professor, University of California at San Francisco.

Autumn Immunology Conference. November 20-22, 2004. Chicago Downtown Marriott.

December 2004
Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) Fall Symposium. December 9-12, 2004. Hyatt regency Savannah, Savannah, GA.

January 2005
44th Midwinter Conference of Immunologists. January 22-25, 2004. Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA

April 2004
Annual Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference. April 2-6, 2005. San Diego, CA.

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting. April 16-20, Anaheim, CA

May 2004
Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) Spring Meeting. May 21, 2005. San Antonio, TX

American Urologic Association (AUA) Annual Meeting. May 22-26, 2005. San Antonio, TX.