David M. Lubaroff

Professor of Urology and Microbiology
Director, Urology Research
Director, Prostate Cancer Research Program
Associate Director for Research Infrastructure, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Iowa College of Medicine
375 Newton Road
3210 MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242
(319) 335-8423
(319) 353-4556 - Fax


1961 B.S. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
1964 M.S. Georgetown University
1967 Ph.D. Yale University

Professional and Academic Positions Held

1967-1969 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
1969-1970 Associate in Pathology, University of Pennsylvania
1970- 1973 Assistant Professor Pathology and Medical Genetics, University of Pennsylvania
1971-1973 Member, Immunology Graduate Group, University of Pennsylvania
1973-1977 Assistant Professor of Urology (Microbiology), University of Iowa
1977-1982 Associate Professor of Urology (Microbiology), University of Iowa
1973-1986 Research Immunologist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Iowa City, Iowa
1986-1991 Associate Career Scientist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Iowa City, Iowa
1991-present Research Immunologist, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Iowa City, Iowa
1977-present Director of Urology Research, University of Iowa
1982-present Professor of Urology (Microbiology), University of Iowa
1992-present Professor, Interdisciplinary Immunology Program, University of Iowa
1994-present Member, University of Iowa Cancer Center
1995-present Director, Prostate Cancer Research Program, University of Iowa
1997-present Associate Director for Research Infrastructure, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa
2001-present Program Leader, Prostate Cancer Research Program, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa

Ph.D. Theses Directed

1974-1977 Charles Schlagel
1974-1978 Dale Greiner
1974-1978 Craig Reynolds
1979-1984 David Ernst
1979-1985 David McElligott
1980-1986 Jeffrey Kennedy
1983-1987 Henry Hunt
1986-1991 Ellen Klohe
1986-1992 Thomas Hickey
1986-1992 Ninette Robbins
1994-1999 Bennett Elzey

Areas of Research Interest and Current Projects

Tumor Immunology
Prostate Cancer
Gene Therapy
Cancer Metastasis
Effects of Stress on Immune Function

Current Projects

Vaccine Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Gene Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Effects of stress on immune function
Molecular mechanisms of metastasis in prostate cancer

Current Funding

2000-2005 Cellular activation in Prostate Cancer - VA Research Enhancement Award Program (REAP) $1,250,000
2002-2003 2nd International Conference on Prostate Cancer Research - NIH Conference Grant $28,000
2002-2006 Multiple Vaccine for therapy of Prostate Cancer -VA Merit Review $740,000

Professional Affiliations

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Immunologists
American Association for Cancer Research
Society for Basic Urologic Research
American Urological Association

Offices held in professional organizations

Executive Board; Society for Basic Urologic Research
Nominating Committee, Society for Basic Urologic Research
Chairman, Essay Contest, Society for Basic Urologic Research
Secretary, Society for Basic Urologic Research
Workshop Coordinator, Autumn Immunology Conference
Secretary, Autumn Immunology Conference
Chairman, Autumn Immunology Conference
Counselor, Autumn Immunology Conference
Advisor, Autumn Immunology Conference
Member of the Organizing Committee, International Symposium on the Biology of Prostate Growth
Member of the Organizing Committee, NIH Symposium on Bladder Physiology
Co-Chairman, American Urologic Association Basic Science Conference
Vice President, Society for Basic Urologic Research
President, Society for Basic Urologic Research
Chairman of the Organizing Committee, International Conference on Prostate Cancer Research
Member, Fall Symposium Organizing Committee, SBUR


Editorial Board of the journal, The Prostate
Ad Hoc Reviewer for: Journal of Immunology; the journal Transplantation; Laboratory Investigations; Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Journal of Andrology, Journal of Urology, Journal of Leukocyte Biology, Urology; the Journal of Physiology; NIH & VA Grants

Review panels

NIH Review Committees and Study Section - Special Review Committees on Prostate Growth, Molecular Epidemiology of Prostate Cancer; P01 Site Review Committees (Wistar, Univ. of Virginia, UCLA); Epidemiology and Disease Control-2 Study Section.
Other Grant Review Committees –
Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),
California Cancer Research Program.
American Cancer Society (ACS)

Peer-reviewed papers

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