Intellectual Property and Technology Development

In order to enable development and eventual commercialization of the HSCMS technology by the medical device industry, patent applications have been filed on the new intellectual properties that have emerged from the research program. Those which have been published by the U.S. PTO and/or the EPO are listed below; others are pending. The University of Iowa Research Foundation manages this process, which includes a partnership with University of Virginia Innovation when co-inventorship has occurred between inter-institutional collaborators. For further information about the technology transfer programs at the University of Iowa and the University of Virginia, please visit:

University of Iowa Research Foundation
University of Virginia Innovation

Published Patent Applications

Howard III, M. A., Brennan, T. J., Dalm, B., Utz, M., Gillies, G. T., Scott, S., Nelson, R. S., and Shurig, R., "Remotely Controlled and/or Laterally Supported Devices for Direct Spinal Cord Stimulation."PDF iconPDF file

US 2014/0128955, Publication Date: May 8, 2014

Howard III, M. A., Oya, H., Viljoen, S., and Reddy, C. G., "System that Secures an Electrode Array to the Spinal Cord for Treating Back Pain."PDF iconPDF file

WO 2013/116377, Publication Date: August 8, 2013

Howard III, M. A., "Managing Back Pain by Applying a High Frequency Electrical Stimulus Directly to the spinal Cord." PDF iconPDF file

WO 2013/116368, Publication Date: August 8, 2013

Technology License

The HSCMS intellectual properties have been licensed to Direct Spinal Therapeutics, Inc. (DSTI), which is a start-up company formed in partnership with the universities for the purpose of taking the technology through the development phase and regulatory approval process. For further information about DSTI and the technology development plan, please visit:

DSTI - Executive Summary
DSTI - Overview Presentation