Development Plan

The HSCMS group will systematically pursue parallel tracks of basic spinal cord physiology research and serial HSCMS device development objectives. The first pilot clinical trial will be directed at treating patients who suffer from severe, disabling back and leg pain that is resistant to all other treatments. Follow-on generations of HSCMS devices will be used to treat patients with spinal cord injuries and other disorders that cause paralysis or otherwise impede their ability to move.

Request for Support

Philanthropic funding is essential to the success of the HSCMS program. The University of Iowa and University of Virginia awarded generous start-up funding that established the research consortium and provided the resources needed to prove the technical feasibility of the human spinal cord modulation concept. But now philanthropic funding is required to move the program to the next stage: pivotal pre-clinical tests and a pilot human clinical trial designed to provide direct evidence of the safety and efficacy of the HSCMS. Support during this critical period will generate vital information needed to drive the clinical deployment process forward toward the goal of an FDA-approved device that can be used for the benefit of patients everywhere.

For more information or to provide support please contact:

Dr. Matthew Howard
Professor and Chair of Neurosurgery
Carver College of Medicine
University of Iowa
(319) 356-8468