Lab News

January 2015

Jessica Ponce joins the lab as a graduate student.
Jessica plans to study the role of Cyclin C in the cardiovascular system.

September 2014

Dr. Colleen Dewey joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.
Colleen intends to investigate the involvement of the Mediator complex in metabolic disease.

June 2014

Ines Martin joins the lab.
Ines will focus on cardiovascular surgeries to provide critical models of stress for the lab.

April 2014

Funding awarded to Dr. Katie Spitler, NIH T32 Postdoctoral Fellowship.
Title: MED 13 regulates cardiac energetics in response to obesity.

March 2014

Dr. Katie Spitler joins the lab as a postdoctoral fellow.
Katie’s research will encompass MED13 and MED1 and there role in cardiac function.

January 2014

New graduate student, Rachael Minerath, has joined the lab.
Rachael’s work will be focused on the function of CDK19 in the heart under normal and stress conditions.

December 2013

Dr. Duane Hall joins the label as a research professor.
Duane intends to focus his efforts on eliciting the role of CDK8 in cardiac function.

January 2013

Dr. Chad Grueter starts the lab at the University of Iowa – Department of Internal Medicine.