Information for those applying for funds from Iowa's SFY 2006 block grant

The following information is to "supplant" or enhance information provided by DHS staff regarding applications for Performance Partnership Block Grant Funds (formerly referred to as Community Mental Health Block Grant funds, and herein referred to simply as "block grant" funds). 

Response to Questions from the Applicant's Conference

Questions and answers from the Applicant's Conference held February 24.  

Application materials: 

Evidence-Based Practices in Iowa's Performance Partnership Block Grant Program:  Information for applicants for FY 2006 block grant funding

This document attempts to present an overview of what kinds of changes are being made in Iowa's block grant process, and why.

General guidelines and basic information

These are some of the highlights of what is contained in the long RFA that you should have received from DHS

Application forms for work program and budget.

These form contains all of the questions that you will be asked to describe your work program.

Work program form

Budget form

Budget guidelines

Checklist for Application

Full RFA

This is the whole document - apparently needed for DHS to satisfy legal and "responsible government" requirements. 

Review process

Review form