“Building Resilience and Facilitating Recovery”

Mission Statement of SAMSHA

Practice Guidelines for Recovery-Oriented Behavioral Health Care

From theConnecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Service, where recovery-oriented services have been a priority for many years now.A nice model to follow.

Practice guidlineSA outlining recovery-oriented approaches to dealing with mental health crises.

Core Elements in Responding to Mental Health Crisis

Recently released practice guidelines from SAMHSA outlining essential features of a recovery-oriented response to mental health crises.

A Primer on the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Process

A nice summary of the Psychaitric Rehabilitation model from Bill Anthony and the Boston University group. 

CMHS Wellness Summit

This site links to several interesting recovery-oriented papers and presentations from a meeting held in September 2007, sponsored by the Center for Mental Health Services. 

Pillers of Peer Support

Provides a useful document summarizing the status and challenges of peer support in multiple states. 

National Coalition of Mental Health Consumer/Survivor Organizations

A very interesting and active organization - good website - lots of resources.

Fundamentals of Recovery

A news article summarizing SAMHSA's recent consensus statement on the 10 fundamentals of recovery

Consumer / Survivor Mental Health Information

From SAMSHA's Center for Mental Health Services, resources for consumers and advocates of mental health services. 

Web-based Repository of Recovery Resources

This is a great resource for all kinds of information about recovery in mental health. Information developed to assist state mental health administrators and consumers in state offices of consumer/recipient affairs in their work to create more recovery-oriented mental health systems. The site is jointly supported by CMHS, SAMHSA, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) and the Department of Education.

Behavioral Health Recovery Management

University of Chicago, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery - Newsletter

Quarterly newsletters from the center founded by Mary Ellen Copeland - a nice resource. 

Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

This links to the Copeland Center's main site where you can find information on WRAP.

On-line WRAP planning

Create, update and maintain your own Wellness Recovery Action Plan on-line through the Polk County Network of Care site. (You need to establish a user ID to do so, but its easy to do). 

Iowa Peer Support Training Academy

Through funding from Iowa's Performance Partnership Block Grant, training on the Georgia model of peer support is available to Iowa consumers in 2008. This links to the site where applications are available.  

Measuring Recovery

A compendium of recovery measures and instruments - very extensive (a long pdf document), and up to date (2005). 

Mental Health Recovery:  What Helps, What Hinders?

This is a long (over 100 pages) but very thoughtful and enlightening report sponsored by CMHS.  Its primary author, Steven Onkin was one of the keynote speakers at the 2005 Iowa Mental Health Conference.  A great starting point in thinking about recovery.

Promising Practices for Patient-Centered Communication for Vulnerable Populations

An interesting recent (Aug 2006) report from the Commonwealth Fund - not focused on mental illness but definitely applicable. (pdf)

The Village

This is a very forward thinking recovery-oriented program in Long Beach Ca, that has been engaged in solid recovery-oriented programming for quite some time. A model program. 

2005 Iowa Mental Health Conference on Recovery

This is the brochure from the Iowa mental health conference held in Ames Iowa on October 11th and 12th, 2005.  It was entitled "Recovery:  How do we Walk the Talk".  Several nationally regarded experts in the area were keynote speakers and many of them are wonderful ongoing resources for recovery information. 

Implementing Recovery-based Care: Tangible Guidance for SMHAs

This report from the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors was released in 2004.  It provides lots of useful information on a variety of topics ranging from strategies to overcome obstacles, suggestions for methods to measure recovery on an individual, programmatic and statewide systems level.

"Concepts of Transformation"

Moving towards a "recovery-oriented" mental health system is a major paradigm shift and transformation.  This is a recent (2005), well written report on the process of transformation, from the National Association of State Mental Health Directors Research Institute (NRI). 

"How did we get here and where are we supposed to go?"

Slide presentation that includes a brief history about the nation's mental health system and its changing paradigms and models, as well as the current direction of the nation's mental health system's movement toward Recovery.

National Empowerment Center

An organization run by Dan Fisher, a psychiatrist and consumer who has been at the forefront of the recovery movement.  Lots of interesting info on recovery here. 


Training Grid Outlining Best Practices for Recovery and Improved Outcomes for People with Serious Mental Illness

This training grid grew out of discussions promoting mental health system reforms as part of the work of the American Psychological Association (APA), specifically, the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice's (CAPP) Task Force on SMI and SED. (Version 1, 11/1/04)

Self Direction/Self Determination

This is a broad set of ideas and policies which involve processes that allow individuals with disabilities to play a much larger role in shaping their own services, and increasing flexibility of health benefits to pay for individualized services.

Psychiatric Advanced Directives

This is an important set of resources on psychiatric advanced directives from the Barcelona Center.

Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Boston University)

Lots of useful recovery info and links from Bill Anthony's Shop.

Recovery, Inc.

Probably the original "recovery" group - from Abraham Low's work dating back to the 1930's - still active and relevant.

Consumer Survivor Mental Health Information

Useful info and links from CMHS's Consumer Affairs Program.

Intentional Care

From Pat Deegan's work - Provides guidance to front line mental health workers as to how to interact with clients in a recovery-oriented system. 

What is Recovery

This is a recent article from the journal Psychiatric Services, which describes how the state of Wisconsin moved towards a "recovery-oriented system". (pdf file)

Proposition 63 Begins

An interesting (but lengthy document) by Dr. Mark Ragins of the "Village" in Los Angeles, describing efforts the California system has taken towards building recovery-oriented mental health system. 



List of acronyms that are used in discussions about the mental health system.


National Empowerment Center

Behavioral Health Recovery Management


"All services for those with a mental disorder should be consumer oriented and focused on promoting recovery."

(from Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General, 1999, p.455)