Real Choices/Olmstead

Olmstead in Iowa Headquarters

The most up to date information on the state's implementation of the Olmstead Supreme Court decision.

The Transition from Institutional to Community Care

A good readable report from AFSCME, with lots of useful stats.

The Road to Recovery:  Balancing New Adult Behavioral Health Community Supports

A report by the Lewin Group, commissioned by Nebraska DHS to help them look at how to best rebalance their mental heath system;  Key recommendations include closing 2 of 3 state psychiatric hospitals and expanding Assertive Community Treatment services. 

Olmstead at Five:  Assessing the Impact

A report by the Kaiser Commission, examining the impact of Olmstead as of its fifth "birthday" (June 2004)

Cash and Counseling / Independence Plus

An issue paper which reviews experience with and pros and cons of the "Independence Plus" initiative to date. (Nov 2003)

Promising Practices in Home and Community Based Services
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Promising Practices Reports that address initiatives undertaken by states and communities to improve home and community based services.

Implementation of the Olmstead Decision in Iowa


Self Direction in Mental Health